General terms for accessing and using. Privacy policy.


This document establishes the General Conditions of Use for the Internet Website provided by LANA, S. Coop. (Tax Number CIF F-20.021358, figuring in the Register of Cooperatives of the Basque Country on folio 2, Volume I, nº 86.1.172). Access to this WEBSITE requires all users to read and agree to the terms, conditions, communications, caveats and all other legal disclaimers contained herein. Access to this WEBSITE is free and it may be viewed without any kind of subscription or prior registration. The links to other websites that may be provided, as well as the use that a user may make of the same, is subject to the present General Terms of Use, as well as to any possible specific conditions that the aforementioned websites require. Whatsoever use other than that authorised is strictly forbidden. If you have any queries or comments, you can contact us at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. As the service provider, LANA, S. Coop. is bound to provide the services offered by the WEBSITE, to effectively uphold the confidentiality of those communications that may maintained with the user, as well as to respond to any possible complaints that may be lodged. This WEBSITE does not collect or store the personal data of visitors, unless the user agrees to provide them.
  2. LANA, S. Coop., reserves the right, at any time and without the need for prior warning, to modify and update the information contained on the WEBSITE or the configuration and presentation of the same, striving insofar as possible to notify users of any changes made to the WEBSITE, provided that circumstances so permit.
  3. Both access to the WEBSITE and any use that may be made of the information contained therein are the sole responsibility of the user. LANA, S. Coop. cannot be held liable for any consequence, damage or loss that may arise through said access or use of information, with the exception of all those actions forthcoming from the application of those legal provisions to which it is subject in strict compliance with its duties. LANA, S. Coop. provides no direct or indirect guarantee on the information or services provided, with the exception of those guarantees to be provided in accordance with current legislation or which are explicitly stipulated in an agreement between this company and the user. LANA, S. Coop. does not guarantee the content provided, as appropriate, by third parties, nor does it guarantee the veracity, reliability, accuracy, timeliness or appropriateness of the information provided for the use to which users or any other person may apply it.


  1. Users may, any at any time, make proper use of the services of this WEBSITE in accordance with current legislation, at all times upholding the rights of intellectual property befalling LANA, S. Coop.
  2. A user shall not use any of the services placed at their disposal by LANA, S. Coop., to perform whatsoever action that might compromise or alter the content, or hinder the proper operation of the WEBSITE, and shall refrain from causing technical problems of any kind and from transferring elements susceptible to containing computer viruses or to damaging, interfering with or intercepting the present WEBSITE in full or in part, as well as from tapping or altering the e-mails of other users, or using the services of the WEBSITE to attack websites external to LANA, S. Coop. or users accessing the same.


  1. LANA, S. Coop. does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the present WEBSITE and its services. Accordingly, no liability shall be forthcoming for damages and losses of any nature that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the WEBSITE and its services. Nonetheless, LANA, S. Coop. shall make all possible effort to uphold the uninterrupted availability of this WEBSITE.
  2. LANA, S. Coop. provides users with personal data privacy systems that block access to the same by third parties. (Privacy policy of LANA, S. Coop.) LANA, S. Coop. has introduced all the technical and organisational measures required to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the personal data submitted by users. LANA, S. Coop. accepts no responsibility for the damages and losses caused in the event that knowledge thereof should be forthcoming.
  3. Notwithstanding the fact that LANA, S. Coop. has introduced all appropriate measures for ensuring security in this matter, it neither controls nor guarantees the absence of viruses or other elements in the content of this WEBSITE that may alter the user's computer system (software and hardware) or the electronic documents and files stored on said computer system. LANA, S. Coop. accepts no responsibility for the damages and losses of any kind that may be due to the presence in the content of viruses that may alter the computer systems, electronic documents, files etc.
  4. LANA, S. Coop. does not guarantee the absence of errors in the access to the WEBSITE or in its content. Accordingly, the user releases LANA, S. Coop. from any responsibility regarding reliability, usage or false expectations forthcoming whilst browsing the Portal.


The rights of intellectual property regarding this WEBSITE and the various elements contained therein, are the property of LANA, S. Coop., with the exception of those pertaining to third parties with whom a corresponding agreement has been signed for the provision of content and which are protected by national and international legislation on intellectual and industrial property. The exclusive exercise of the rights of reproduction, distribution, public disclosure and processing befalls the aforementioned company. The design, images, maps, graphics, trademarks, titles, distinctive signs or logos of LANA, S. Coop., frames, banners, the software and its different codes, source and object, etc. of the WEBSITE are the property of LANA, S. Coop., which legitimately holds the sole rights for their exploitation. A user who accesses this WEBSITE may not copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, convey or sell the aforementioned elements or create new products or services based on the information obtained. Permission is granted solely for displaying and loading the information for personal, and not commercial, use by the user, who may not extend this right to third parties or entities. Users are strictly forbidden to alter this WEBSITE in any way that may affect its content, through the use of links or such like. LANA, S. Coop. shall safeguard the content of this WEBSITE to ensure it does not contain pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, racist or defamatory material and does not encourage violence. Likewise, it shall strive to avoid any circumstance that may have a negative bearing on users.

6.- LINKS.

No link may be made to this Portal from whatsoever website without the express and prior permission of LANA, S. Coop. In the event that this WEBSITE should feature links to other websites or portals that are not administered by LANA, S. Coop., this company declares that it exerts no control whatsoever over said websites or portals, nor is it responsible for their content. The links that may be featured on this WEBSITE shall be provided solely for reference purposes, with no appraisal of any kind made regarding the content, owners, services or products they provide, and furthermore with no responsibility implied for any defective operation when access is made to these third-party websites. Under all circumstances, LANA, S. Coop. is released from any liability for the services provided and content displayed by third parties regarding whatsoever complaints, regardless of their nature, or lawsuits that may be filed in relation to them.


These General Terms of Use and browsing, as well as any other dealings between the user and LANA, S. Coop. shall be governed by Spanish legislation. Regarding whatsoever litigation arising from the existence or content of the present General Terms or from the dealings between the user and LANA, S. Coop., both parties, with express waive of any other right that may befall them, submit to the sole authority and jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Bergara (Gipuzkoa).



The WEBSITE of LANA, S. Coop. does not gather any Personal Information without the user's knowledge, nor disclose it to third parties.


At LANA, S. Coop. we are especially concerned about the Security and Safeguarding of the data provided by our customers/users; accordingly, we guarantee the Safety and Confidentiality of the information submitted to us. Personal Data provided by e-mail using the form available in the Contacts section are not held in any Files or Databases, being used solely for the purpose of replying to the request made by the user. In pursuance of article 4 of Spain's Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), these data shall be deleted upon completion of the purpose for which they were gathered.


The Privacy Policy expounded here applies to the entire WEBSITE of LANA, S. Coop. and is not guaranteed in accesses to this site through outside links, nor in links from this site to other websites.