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LANA gets into the production of certificated pellet

Published on 2018-08-30

LANA has diversified his business with the introduction of a new activity of certificated pellet that it arises from the utilization of this renewable resource from the waste of the wood. The pellet is an interesting option of ecological, cheap and efficient fuel, which use is in growth as substitute of other traditional fuels.

Our cooperative produces a high quality pellet, certified with the stamps DIN+, ENplus and PEFC, with which we want to position ourselves between the leader companies of the sector. This bet is connected with the philosophy of LANA S. Coop. of continuing growing as a company and contributing to the social well-being, with activities that are sustainable and respectful with the environment.

The pellet is a product that answers to the philosophy of the circular economy, taking advantage of the production surplus to produce an effective fuel, cheaper than others and scant pollutant. The pellet produces, in addition, calcium and potassium rich ashes of vegetable origin that can be used as fertiliser or mineral supplement.